Hometown Banking

Welcome to the website of Union Savings and Loan Association, www.USLAbank.com!

Union Savings and Loan is a community bank serving east-central Indiana, with locations in Connersville and Greenfield.

Founded in 1892, USLA is a conservative, “old school” bank, committed to the customer service and hometown style that has made us successful in the 19th, 20th, and now 21st Centuries. If you are looking for a bank that still maintains traditional values, still believes in community service, and still makes loan decisions locally, then Union Savings and Loan is for you.

Union Savings & Loan is a “Mutual,” which means we do not have stockholders to satisfy, only Customers.

Connersville's 30th Street Bank!

n 2013, USLA replaced their facility at 30th Street in Connersville with a brand new 4,500 square foot bank. We're proud to be reinvesting in Connersville!

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USLA: 120 Years Old and Counting!

In 2012, we celebrated our 120th year of operation, we are happy to roll out this new website as a symbol of our commitment to customer service in the next 120 years!

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